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UC Irvine's very own Hyperloop team. We are working to shape the transportation of the future to be even more cheap, effecient, and clean.


News Articles

HyperXite placed in the top 5 of all Hyperloop teams in the world. We are continuing our journey to alter the landscape of transportation and are happy to tell our story. Reach us through e-mail here.

See the Futuristic Pods That Could Change How We Travel

More than 1,000 students gathered at Texas A&M University on the weekend to compete in SpaceX’s Hyperloop pod competition. The Hyperloop is a theoretical high-speed transit system in which people- or cargo-carrying pods would be loaded into giant low-pressure tubes and sucked along by a large fan at speeds approaching Mach 1... read more

SpaceX's hyperloop student contest brings out many big benefactors

[...] At UC Irvine, where 25 students working 40 to 50 hours a week on the hyperloop project have received $10,000 plus lab and office space from the university, free training from software companies such as Ansys and guidance from employees at corporations including Microsoft... read more


L.A. to San Francisco in an hour? UCI's team wants to win Space X's Hyperloop Pod contest

Find a way to get more than 800 people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about an hour. That's the goal for members of the HyperXite team at UC Irvine as they finalize their designs for a pod that would speed through a tube at more than 700 mph, levitated by compressed air... read more


The Fantasy-Like Hyperloop Inches Closer to Reality

The Hyperloop, proposed by serial entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2013 as a radical, high-speed transportation concept, may no longer be the stuff of science fiction as it inches closer to becoming a working prototype... read more

UCI HyperXite Team Invited to Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend

Los Angeles to San Francisco in 35 minutes? It is hard to imagine, but indeed that’s the idea behind Hyperloop, a conceptual high-speed transportation system proposed in 2013 by entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors and Space X. The system would transport people and cargo in pods that hurl through pneumatic tubes at over 750 miles per hour... read more

ANSYS Helps Drive Student Innovation In The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

Software enables teams to engineer next-generation transportation quickly and efficiently... read more



HyperXite and the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Contest

What if there was a system of transportation cheaper, faster and most importantly, safer than driving, flying or boating? This next evolution in transportation is the Hyperloop, to design and build a pod that can transport 840 people between Los Angeles and San Francisco at 760 mph while floating on a cushion of air. Developing this technology is... read more


As Another Hyperloop Passenger Pod Deadline Passes, Designers Ask the 700 Mph Question

The “Official SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition,” announced in June with a goal of the passenger pods being tested at the Hyperloop test track in the summer of 2016, is “geared towards university students and independent engineering teams... read more