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Irvine, CA, 92617

UC Irvine's very own Hyperloop team. We are working to shape the transportation of the future to be even more cheap, effecient, and clean.

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FAST: Future Affordable Sustainable Transportation

To revolutionize the transportation industry at a low cost, while ensuring the safety, health, and welfare of the public.

The Hyperloop is a concept popularized by Elon Musk and SpaceX in 2013. HyperXite is currently developing and building the next generation of transportation that is safer, cheaper, faster and more energy efficient than cars, planes, boats and trains.



We aim to revolutionize the landscape of transportation. The Hyperloop will provide unprecedented travel times between major cities through the most efficient transit system ever proposed. We strive for a safe, clean and integrated future of transportation.


Hyperloop will allow for transportation at nearly the speed of sound. At a top speed of 760 mph, passengers will be able to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in only 35 minutes. Solar panels along the top of the track will make the Hyperloop completely self-sustainable, making it one of the cleanest systems of transportation as well,


Our team is engaged in comprehensive design testing and construction of a half-scale Hyperloop pod. The student lead project, with the assistance of top university professors, is focused on specific technologies that will accelerate the development of this unique and innovative transportation system.

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