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Engineering Service Road
Irvine, CA, 92617

UC Irvine's very own Hyperloop team. We are working to shape the transportation of the future to be even more cheap, effecient, and clean.

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Copy of Meet The Team


Management Team

Manages logistics of the entire team including documentation, finances, outreach and fellow team members

Outreach Team

Uses networking, sponsorship management, event organization, marketing and advertisement as well as community outreach to promote and sustain the HyperXite team and pod


Operations Team

Responsible for the team's operations which include processing, manufacturing and special projects.


Mechanics Team

The mechanics subsystem ensures and maximizes the safety and speed of the pod by integrating a high-end electric motor with proper liquid cooling systems, and creating a high velocity braking mechanisms.

Structures Team

The structures team is responsible for designing a modular structure, improving the pusher interface, and designing new stabilizer wheels for the HyperXite pod

Simulations Team

The simulations team uses different softwares to simulate the behavior of the HyperXite pod to ensure safety and success

Electronics Team

In charge of controlling the pod's Navigation, Power Systems and Controls

Documentation Team

We plan and direct the preparation of project documentation such as engineering drawings, experiments and tests, design packages, and bill of materials. We work closely with the project manager and system engineers to monitor and ensure the progress of the project.